The 3PL world is expanding seemingly exponentially as shippers, or other BCOs outsource their logistics management work. Primarily this competition among freight brokers for customers and all the varieties of logistics intermediaries is shifting the risk of loss onto the intermediary.Read More
Register to Attend the PLRB Claims Conference in San Antonio Texas on April 17th- April 20th to hear Mitchell J. Resnick present on Geotechnical and Geologic claims. View the presentation HERE.Read More
Very often we in the U.S. presume that an individual performing work for a company is an employee of that business. This is true today, even with significant changes occurring around us. It seems that each recession brings slower employment recoveries. Many of us are now, more accurately, independent contractors rather than employees. That’s true in virtually all industries and among all our business clients.Read More
Every company has to survive in the wild and woolly world of the marketplace. Just about every business has a transportation relationship that is ultimately (or should be) put into a formal contract. Whether you’re a shipper, freight broker, transport intermediary, motor carrier, third-party logistics provider, freight forwarder or some other variation, here’s a list of terms for that contract that you simply should not forget to include.Read More
The best part of Idaho is not their famous potatoes. It's their Supreme Court's ruling on independent contractors. The Idaho DOL assessed tax and penalties against Western Home Transport, a motor carrier, claiming owner-operators had been misclassified as contractors when they should have been classified as employees. The DOL concluded that the remuneration paid to its owner-operators was a wage. Read More