Shipping remains the most important means of moving goods around the world. With nearly 95% of cargo imported to the United States moving through seaports, maritime law—directly or indirectly—affects businesses around the world. Increased global trade, rising energy costs, ongoing environmental regulations, and the threat of terrorism have converged to make this industry change course dramatically.

Resnick & Louis helps companies find safe passage in these turbulent times by providing legal and business counsel in all aspects of the maritime industry. We represent publicly traded and privately owned companies throughout the world in maritime matters.

Our success in serving the shipping industry includes a unique combination of regulatory, legislative, defense, and commercial advice and assistance. Our attorneys have knowledge and experience in matters involving vessel and corporate finance; structuring strategic alliances; compliance with state, federal, and international regulatory requirements; commercial, corporate, and general litigation; bankruptcy; insurance and reinsurance; tax; and defending against enforcement actions and criminal prosecutions. We also advise international clients on all aspects of maritime law.