James F. Mahoney Attorney at Law

Email Address: jmahoney@rlattorneys.com
Direct Phone & Fax: (602) 900-1800

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Jim Mahoney concentrates his practice in the Trucking and Transportation Industry. He is an attorney and expert consultant/witness, with a significant number of well-known and terrific large and small transportation clients. Jim offers expertise in: FMCSA regulatory compliance; trucking operations; transport risk management; litigation management including spoliation and document retention protocols; freight brokerage and 3PL operations and exposure; international and cross-border injury and cargo claims; trucking and freight broker insurance including captives, RRGs, high retentions and collateral; owner-operator issues; trucking Workers’ Comp and property loss.

Jim has extensive litigation experience, with approximately 50 first chair verdicts, and numerous trials; active license in Arizona, New York and New Jersey, state and federal courts; truck and auto liability, general liability, product liability, dram shop liability, Carmack Amendment and international cargo; Workers’ Comp litigation. Proven ability to reduce insurance and claim expense without compromise to quality.

Jim’s litigation expertise, however, is not limited to trucking accidents. His career highlights include litigated cases from premises liability to product liability, and from cargo losses contracts.