Julie S. Kim Attorney

Email Address: jkim@rlattorneys.com
Direct Phone & Fax: (602) 456-6223

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Julie has managed ​over​ ​100​ ​cases​ ​representing​ ​consumer​ ​debtors and negotiated​ ​settlements​ ​in​ ​47​ ​cases,​ ​reducing​ ​clients’​ ​exposure​ ​by​ ​approximately​ ​35%-50%​ ​of​ ​the amounts​ ​claimed​ ​by​ ​creditor. She has conducted due diligence review of commercial defendants at judgment debtor exam hearings and also has experience in post-judgment enforcement matters.

Julie has extensive experience in commercial​ ​litigation,​ ​construction​ ​contract​, bodily injury, auto liability, ​subrogation​ ​matters and post-judgment enforcement.